3 Greatest Sales Setbacks And How To Avoid Them

When it comes to making the sale you are driven to succeed. This can lead to many great benefits but it can also lead to many great falls. Closing the deal is important and many companies will emphasize this above all else. But what are you to do when your sales pitch no longer reels in the big catch? Is there a reason that your once dynamite angle is no longer working? The truth is that while your message is the same, your method may need to be reworked or even completely overhauled. The following examples will highlight a common approach in the sales industry and why they are destined for failure. These sales approaches will set you back further than you ever thought possible.


First, lying is never a good place to begin a sales presentation. And while you may be laughing at this first point, the reality is that many sales professionals will utilize the little white lie or they will completely misrepresent their products just for the sale. Not only is this unethical but it is a poor way to conduct business and it should be completely removed from your company. If your sales career is based off of how well you can lie then you need to reconsider why you ever entered into this business. One example of the dishonesty is when a company sends a piece of mail to a potential client and acts as if they know each other. More often then not your “client” will know that you do not know each other and they will bypass your organization in the future. Be honest.


Second, is the approach used by many men. The bullying tactic seems to be a favorite of this group because it allows them to be boisterous and loud and arrogant. The bully tactic will usually involve placing a call into an office, speaking loud and fast with the secretary, and even making statements that are not true. Acting as if you have a previously scheduled appointment or that you have time sensitive information that cannot wait. This tactic is tired and it is played out. Not only are you presenting a false image of the business but you are, again, lying.


Finally, the most common sales setback is talking. This will come as a surprise to many but the truth is that you can talk too much. It is important to know your product and it is important to sale your product. But it is also important that you allow your product to sale itself. Know when to stop talking. If you continue talk, you will be perceived as a know it all and a loud mouth. Remember, it isn’t how many words you use. It is always about using the right words.


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