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In a fast paced market, being the seller who stands head and shoulders above the rest can prove challenging. If you are not getting noticed, then you are not getting business. If you own your own business then competing with larger conglomerate businesses can be daunting. Here are some tips that can help you get noticed by potential customers and hopefully gain you the business that gets you in that tax bracket of your dreams.

Tip one is to stay connected. Using social media to your advantage, especially if your ideal market is of the age where social media is a way of life. Use the free features of social media for giveaways, raffles, and just good advertising. Get your friends or employees involved too. Make an incentive to spread the word. A big thing in social media marketing is the “like” and “share to win” feature. Offer a small discount for your product if people like your Facebook page. This a great incentive. Another great incentive to get your name out there and move some product is to do a “like and share” promotional. This is where people who share your advertisement are entered to win one of your products if they like and share your advertisement. Social media is a such a great tool to get noticed by potential customers. Make the most of this practically free service.

Tip two is a pretty common technique. Find the places that your business is needed and go there to market. For example, if your product is a new weight loss shake, why not pass out some free flyers at a mall food court? When people are in malls to buy inaccurately sized clothing, plus the greasy, self-gratifying, heart attack in a bag lunch combination is just the place to put a subtle seed in someone’s mind about trying a weight loss plan. Boom. Business acquired. Think about where your audience is, and then go there. This way your market doesn’t have to come to you. You have gone to them. Can we say Girl Scout cookies outside the grocery store? Easy business.

Tip three is to try different means of being noticed. Think mass market, and then get a newspaper circular put in the following weeks mail. Offer free experiences of your service if you business is service based. Invite people to see you in action. Food is always a great motivator to get people to come out and watch. Why not try a little coffee and cake and a demo? Just find a way to let your face be seen. Be charming, inviting, trustworthy, and above all human. No one likes to think that the salesperson they are talking to is actually trying to sell something.


Tip four is to try more mainstream events. Find out if there are vendor fairs coming to your area. Then get involved in a fair. Sometimes local county or regional state fairs will include local vendors as part of their exhibitions. Pay a little more to get prime real estate at these events. The poor guy in the back corner is the vendor who is never seen or heard. So spring for a little extra and get a booth near the door.

The final tip is to just be yourself. No one goes into sales unless they believe they can actually sell their product. So be personable, be charming, and have fun.


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