7 myths of sales management and how to correct them

Successful selling involves busting those myths that are counter-productive and focusing on those that lead to greater productivity. Here is a look at 7 myths of sales management and how to correct them.


Myth#1 Managers are meant to take on extra load on behalf of the team.

Managers are not meant to do all the work for their team. When you begin delegating your reps develop their potential leadership skills, thus helping them grow in their jobs.

Myth#2 The manager is the top boss.

The manager is the not the bloke who struts about self-importantly, expecting representatives to look up and admire the managerial role. The manager is the one who creatively handles the team and guides them with suggestions and fresh inspiration.

Myth#3 Treat every lead as the next big opportunity.

In sales management, it is easy to get excited about every lead as the next big sales opportunity, but that can be a huge energy drain. In the zeal to make a sale, you might fail to ask qualifying questions, such as whether the person you are trying to make the sale to, has the purchasing power and authority.

Myth#4 Perfect your product before the launch.

In order to be the best, you would want to correct errors and have as perfect a product as possible. While attention to details is important, sometimes the person with an effective product at the right time scores better than one who launches a perfect product at a delayed date.

Myth#5Accept every opportunity for a sale.

It is important to learn to say ‘No’ and discriminate between various selling opportunities. Analyze if a potential client is a good fit for your requirements and resources. Overselling and overkill sometimes can spoil a relationship with a client as you overreach to deliver.

Myth#6 Target only the top clients.

While it is not okay to accept every opportunity that comes along, it could be suicidal to take only large commissions. Sometimes the larger corporations might delay processes, slowing down things at your end. Maintain an even mix, of the larger corporations and smaller ones.

Myth#7Rely on one sure-shot channel of sales.

Every time you will hear about one golden channel that is the buzz of the future and that dramatically improves sales. But relying on one sales channel is counter-productive even though it might fetch short-term benefits. Have multiple channels for sales.

This wraps up an account of the 7 myths of sales management and how to correct them.

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