Crucial Conversations in Selling – A Five Step Process for Talking When the Stakes are High

In today’s sales market the current economy has turned many common selling interactions into high stakes situations, where there can be a lot on the line. These situations can be stressful even for the most experienced sales professionals. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to panic. These crucial conversations are going to come up a lot in today’s sales world, which is why you need to understand some of the five most basic and effective approaches to take when engaging in sales conversation. The talking you do and the message you are putting out there in these high stakes conversations is essential and by keeping the basics of effective ‘sales talk’ in mind and slowly approaching these conversations with care you can find that executing these five steps may be easier than you imagine.

Start With a Plan

You always want to start with a plan. Take the time to really take a look at what you want to achieve from this conversation and what is at stake in this conversation. By knowing what you are planning to accomplish with this sales conversation you can stay more focused and stay on track.

Make it Comfortable

Being in sales, it can be easy for you to accidentally get forceful with your approach to sell and to get off topic and start focusing only on your sales pitch. This needs to be a conversation; not just a list of the reasons why the client needs to buy from you. If you find you are veering into this territory, make the conversation more comfortable by apologizing for getting off track and moving back to the main point of your conversation. Make sure they feel comfortable by showing interest in what they are thinking and what they are feeling with your conversation.

Clearly State Your Path

Without being too forceful, make sure your path or where you are coming from in your approach is clear. Don’t just focus on what you believe, but provide some back story to how you reached this deal or how you have prepared for the offer you are making them.

 Identify You Understand The Other’s Path

Be certain that you get some input on what the client is thinking and that you understand where they are coming from. Point out the ways in which you are approaching the situation in a like manner to make them feel as though you are on the same page.

Call to Action

Finish the conversation with your call to action, what you are looking to achieve and the main purpose of this conversation. Make sure you clearly state how the follow up will go, who will do what and who will call who to check in at a later date to ensure this important conversation won’t be the last time you two speak.


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