Five Invaluable Laws of Sales Growth

Finding success in today’s sales market is heavily dependent on achieving growth within the industry. You will always want to be setting new sales related growth goals for your company and working to meet those goals whenever you can. However, especially in markets like today’s reaching a respectable level of sales growth can sometimes be a challenge. This is why it is important to have a basic knowledge of the five most invaluable laws of sales growth in today’s market. An understanding of these laws can help you and your team finally reach your potential.


Law 1: Know Your Customers

If you want to grow in the market and keep reaching new customers within your industry you need to truly know your customers. This doesn’t just mean knowing who your target audience is but understanding what motivates them and what makes them happy. You can look at your past customers for more information on this. If you know who your target market is, you will be better able to identify them and create marketing campaigns that will reach them and fit their needs.


Law 2: Don’t Abandon Your Marketing

If you want to keep growing then you want to keep marketing. This not only means continuing with your current marketing endeavor, but introducing new marketing efforts. This way you can continue to reach new audiences in new ways. Consider free marketing methods as well like online forums and social networking as a fresh approach.


Law 3: Conversation is Key

When you engage with your customer and are looking to sell to a person, make sure you are treating them as a person and as an individual. This means engaging in conversation with this individual during the sales process. Don’t just deliver your sales pitch and be done. Connect with your customer by engaging in conversation and asking questions so they feel more of a connection with you.


Law 4: Always Know Yourself

Staying up to date on the market, on trends and on the needs of your target audience is important, but nothing is as important as researching yourself and knowing all of the products and services that you offer inside and out. If you are adding a new product to your arsenal of sales items do not waste any time in getting to know it like the back of your hand. Nothing is as off putting to a customer as a sales professional that doesn’t seem to know what they are selling and who can’t answer questions.


Law 5: Use Your Resources

If you turn to expert sales coaching either from an internal or external source you can learn entirely new ways to utilize the resources you have or to take advantage of new resources. You will never want to waste the opportunity to utilize a potential resource, whether they are a mentor, friend, colleague or anyone in between. You never know who can be your key to reaching your sales growth.


Resource Box:

At the Sales Coaching Institute, online at, you can find out more about reaching sales growth success and about finding ways to utilize professional sales coaching to your advantage.

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