How Full is Your Sales Funnel?

Being successful in today’s sales world is all about the sales funnel. You should always have a thriving sales funnel that is constantly growing and developing. However, there are times when your sales funnel can get full, and if it is too full you will find yourselves with a less than functional clogged funnel that can prevent you from reaching your desired level of success and from growing your company in the way that you want to. This is why as a sales professional you will want to be able to identify how full your sales funnel really is and look for ways to make sure you can clear up your sales funnel when it is too full to be successful.

One of the main reasons why people’s sales funnels tend to get too full or even clogged is because many companies are focusing all of their efforts on getting new sales leads; which in the end can only add to your problems. This is why in order to make sure you have a clear and efficient sales funnel and one that is generating success for your business, you will need to take some time and meet with your existing customers. Be sure you are spending time with these individuals and that you focus on the existing customers who buy from you often or tend to be your biggest customers.

This individuals can actually be some of the most important in terms of improving and clearing up your sales funnel. Take a look at who your biggest customers are, their needs and what motivates and frustrates them. Learn what has motivated them to use your services in the past and what things have made them happy. These individuals are your target market of consumers and the ones that you have been able to reach in the past. By getting in touch with them you can continue to build a strong bond between your company and your client and you can develop new ways to clear your sales funnel clog as you develop new approaches to keeping your clients happy.

Keep in mind that maintaing a successful sales funnel and fixing issues with filled, clogged or ineffective sales funnels is often a process of trial and error. Not every approach will work in terms of improving your funnel, so you will have to try new things. The sales funnel and the market will always be changing so you will need to consistently try new approaches that will continue to change and develop as well. Once you have cleared up your sales funnel issues keep in mind that you will need to continue to work on keeping an effective and cleared sales funnel to maintain success in your business and to keep growing.


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At the Sales Coaching Institute, found online at, you can find out more about the importance of the funnel and how to maintain a clear and highly functioning sales funnel for your team.

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