How to Achieve Financial Freedom in a Sales Career

We have all heard the speeches and the presentations at some point or another. “Be your own boss” was always a very popular slogan. “Work from home” is another. They all come from the same place of what defines worker happiness, and ultimately satisfaction with our careers. We, as human being, strive for autonomy, guidance, understanding, and a real, tangible impact on our chosen fields. In sales, financial freedom is the real goal. How you achieve it is a matter decided by your own style of sales.


The Team Player

Sales teams and coordinated efforts are massive. They can mean big business for a lot of individuals who may otherwise not be a part of some of the biggest financial investments or purchases in their respective markets, but how do you achieve independence and financial freedom when your entire sales strategy hinges on being part of a team? The answer may lie in the very definition of the team itself. As mentioned earlier, autonomy is important. What you will begin to notice with the more successful team efforts is that, with time and understanding, each member will be able to operate independently, while the others simply seem to “know” what the complimentary actions will be.

The Lone Wolf

As difficult as it may seem to be to break away from a team, how do you really succeed without one? As more of a “lone wolf” salesperson, you may find that you are lacking in the same amount of collective resources and contacts as a team would have. You may enjoy the independence that working by yourself may bring, but you may not have true financial freedom. The paradox of a “lone wolf” is that he or she is going to strive when there is a full contact list to provide backup.

Freedom through Connection

In all of the profiles of salespeople that have been successful, the one common thread among them is going to be that they can successfully maintain contacts and wisely utilize those resources. Team players may find it difficult to establish those contacts independently for fear of upsetting the group, while lone wolves may not always have the time or resources at their disposal to make proper contact lists and maintain them. Knowing how to find your balance, and create a more self-sufficient sales model is the key to financial freedom for all groups; work from your strengths first, and you will begin to see emerging opportunities to build your own foundations from the ground up.

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