How to Create a Sustainable Sales Career

The first step toward establishing yourself as a true salesperson, and not as someone who is just in it until they crash, is to create a structure which you can follow and fall back on when necessary. Every good sales structure will have at least three to four different layers comprising its foundation; and it is always important to keep every layer well maintained. By understanding what you will need to establish this foundation, you will gain some crucial insight into what makes the difference between a salesperson and someone with a day job.

The First Layer – Work

Your most important leg of the foundation, the work that you put in, is going to make a difference in your long term sales game. People that rely on systems or “get rich quick” advice will inevitably reach a point where they do not have this foundation to support them. Once their system goes broke, so do they. To be a long run player, you need to put your nose to the grindstone and make something that stands up.

The Second Layer – Contacts

Contacts means knowing and engaging with people who are involved in sales that will give you the heads up on information that you need. Contacts may mean making friends with people that have information on trends or events that will have a fundamental impact on the very nature of your market. The more contacts you have, the better connected you will be, which means more juice to go the extra mile.

The Third Layer – Loyal Clients

Putting in work on the first two layers will allow this layer to come into its own quite naturally. The more timely and well considered your sales are, the more your customers and clients will come to notice that you are someone who stands apart from their peers. In most businesses, sales retention accounts for as much as 70% of all profitability. New customers are great, but old customers are the bedrock of a business.

The Fourth Layer – Mobility

The first three layers will make a difference in how your business runs in the here and now, but without mobility and flexibility, you may find that they can only offer so much support. When the market changes, you need to adapt with it. Never paint yourself into a corner in any sales market and you will find continued success.

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