How to Develop and Instill a Structured Follow up Process for Sales Accountability

A sales representative that has built a client base that purchased their service or product should realize the importance of future sales coming from this core group. In many instances, this is accomplished with follow up procedures and enhanced communication techniques. Simply sending out follow up letters or a phone call can go a long way in getting important future referrals. Your structured follow up process for sales is very important and should be taken seriously and be given good thought and time.

Importance of Time Management

Following up past clients and new prospects with marketing campaigns and networking depends greatly on effective time management and discipline. The key to streamlining the process is making certain follow up is with those in a position to make purchasing decisions for their organization. When contacting prospects; always have a sense of urgency. It’s important to make contact soon after a marketing campaign has concluded to obtain best results.

Follow Sales Leads Instantly

All sales leads cost money, whether it’s attached to advertising or from marketing efforts. Some businesses will get many leads in a small time frame and then struggle to follow them up. This equates to older leads being forgotten when new leads start coming in. The best approach is recording all leads in a database and following these up methodically. Additionally, it’s important to remember it may take many attempts before a prospect agrees to a presentation.

Prospecting the Right Clients

Many organizations will use prospecting techniques that generate the wrong type prospect for their particular service or product. This would be defined as someone not actually interested or qualified enough to warrant a sales call. This scenario occurs by utilizing prospecting methods which are unfocused; and can be a large waste of time. Remember that it is essential to concentrate on the qualifying process before actually making any type of contact effort.

Effective Follow Up

Whenever you are in the middle of the selling process to qualified prospects, continually follow up. The larger the potential transaction, the longer it may take for a final decision to be made. It’s essential to find reasons to maintain contact often in as many ways possible. This can include telephone, email or personal visits. By constantly staying in touch with qualified prospects you are slowly building a relationship while reinforcing your offering over the possible offers of competitors.

Closing More Sales

Having an effective presentation in front of a qualified prospect increases closing ratios significantly. However, it’s easy to lose a buyer’s attention by continually presenting benefits and features. Therefore, one of the biggest keys to success is to know precisely when to ask for the sale. Good timing can make all the difference in respect to closing the deal. However, if you don’t have a structured follow up process for sales you may find yourself with very few closing opportunities.

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