How to Speak Sales Success

Managing larger sales teams is often very challenging because of the nature of the selling business. Sales personnel generally are assertive and extroverted, therefore most sales managers are going to have their hands full. It is not an easy job working with upper management while trying to support your staff; however this can be done by following a few easy guidelines.


Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated

The first step is maintaining team spirit. Being a sales manager, you’ll be dealing with people that sell for a living. Many professional salespeople will have big egos, yet also are highly sociable and can establish rapport with clients easily. In order to maintain control with a sense of teamwork, it’s important to give individual attention to each salesperson every day. Those with weaker skills will especially need constant support and reassurance but your high performers must also realize they are acknowledged and important. It’s essential to point out those who perform well, and ask them to help others do the same.


Always Stand Up for Your Sales Personnel

Another important motivating factor for sales managers is acting as an advocate for their staff while still being an authority figure in the eyes of upper management. This can be a delicate balancing act. Upper managers need to be aware of what’s going on in the sales department. However, your salespeople need someone advocating for better commissions and as a go-between if any disputes arise. Probably the most important function of a sales manager is motivating salespeople to be as productive as possible. The clearest evidence of this is a successful team that accomplishes goals and sales targets.


Understanding Your Leadership Role

The primary thing any sales manager must understand is that their job is to get things done through others utilizing motivation and effective sales strategies. Any manager is only effective when the combined effort of the sales force is performing at their highest level. Not only do managers act as coaches and motivators, they must also reward and appreciate individual efforts. This way, they can motivate every person to develop their skills and perform at a consistent level.


What Really Motivates Sales Staff

Although most sales professionals are motivated by financial reward, it is certainly not the only factor. Involving people in the formulation of sales goals and strategies, and recognizing them for their contributions and efforts, is also highly important. Additionally, the average sales person enjoys meeting new targets and other achievements on the job.

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