How to Use and Leverage Creative Emails for Sales Success

Almost everyone these days is using email. It has become commonplace in today’s society, and anyone who has an account has probably noticed a surge in advertising regarding products and services. Many businesses and sales organizations are using these type campaigns as part of their overall marketing strategy. This helps them to enhance brand exposure, increase traffic to their website, and additionally for driving sales of specific products. These type campaigns are highly successful and cost effective when utilized correctly.

Send to Existing Clients
Most sales organizations today will have a long list of existing customers. However, many do not understand the potential and importance of reaching out to these on a continual basis. Additionally, this is a great technique to actually acquire new potential clients. Many businesses today will buy lists from outside sources that have qualified prospects. The costs involved typically depend upon the level of qualification that the sales organization needs.

Setting Expectations
Although email can greatly increase a company’s sales, it should be noted that such campaigns generally do have a low success rate. Only a very small percentage of people pay attention or read these type messages. For those that do, even a smaller percentage will respond. Therefore, it’s important to set expectations accordingly with the expectation it will take a large campaign to acquire enough returns to make it worthwhile. However, the leads that are generated from these efforts are usually extremely qualified and result in a high closing ratio for any sales team.

Make the Email Message Interesting
As most people receive a large quantity of advertising these days, it’s important that your message stand out and generates enough interest to be read and acted upon. Many software applications are available that can simplify the process. It’s easy to turn a simple email message into a bright and colorful page that emphasizes your service or product and initiates action. Also, it’s important that the message is customer focused. They should realize how they can benefit by responding and have the motivation to do so.

Keeping It Understandable
As you are sending emails to potential customers, it’s vital they understand your message and will react accordingly. Always provide easy and understandable instructions telling the prospective customer what they should do to respond. For example, having a large button emphasizing the benefit and telling the client to click should be obvious and stand out visually.

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