What a Positive Attitude in Sales Can Teach Us!

Robert Kiyosaki is a millionaire investor and author of the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series. Throughout all his books, he talks about how a sales job at Xerox transformed his life. In fact, he is so fascinated by sales that he recommends that everyone do a sales job if they want to build their own business or even succeed in personal life.

Isn’t it amazing that while talking about sales is good enough to scare a lot of people from a possible job opening, there are many hugely successful personalities who talk about sales as a life changing experience? What is even more surprising is the fact that these same people claim to have hated sales in their old days. It seems like they are looking at the same world through two different paradigms. It is as though working at a particular job taught them something more than the average person knows. It is all about the attitude, they say. But this statement is often misunderstood and misinterpreted, so here is a clarification.

Fear of Rejection: Our lives are paralyzed because we are afraid of rejection. Right from approaching a girl at the bar to talking to venture capitalists, we don’t try because we are afraid of rejection. On the contrary, a door to door salesman may have to visit 100 houses everyday, 90 of which will slam the door on his face. Salesmen develop the inherent positive attitude and move on to the next customer. Their mantra can be summarized as SWSWSWSW. This is not a typing error. It means:

“Some Will, Some Wont, So What, Someone’s Waiting”

Attitude Is About Choices: Attitude is just the sum total of thoughts that we have everyday. Science has proven that 90% of our thoughts are repeated daily. So the fear of rejection that we develop is repeated daily in our minds. Sales teaches us to choose our attitude. Despite many doors being slammed on his face, a salesman still walks up to the next door with a pleasant smile.

It Is About Putting Their Needs First: This positive attitude that sales inculcates also teaches us another very important lesson. It teaches us to give before we begin to receive. Salesmen have to convince people of the benefits that their product has offer before they can expect any monetary reward.
It is precisely for this reason that a sales career is recommended. The changes that one’s personality undergoes during this process are akin to metamorphosis. Salesmen are equipped to live better lives both personally and professionally because of their positive attitude.

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